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Play Daily Wordsearch Puzzle Online

If you’ve been looking for a quality online Findaword or Wordsearch puzzle – your search is over! Tackle today’s Lovatts challenge and when you’re finished, click over to to fully satisfy your daily Wordsearch fix. Registration is simple and FREE!


Lovatts Wordsearch – Getting Started

Find all the words from the word list and mark them off in the Wordsearch letters grid. The leftover letters will make a mystery answer related to each Wordsearch puzzle’s title.

Words may go across or back, up or down and diagonally up or down in the grid.

When you have found one of the words from the word list, use the mouse to click on the first or last letter of the word in the Wordsearch letters grid. Then, holding down the mouse button, drag to the other end of the word and release the mouse button. If you are correct, the word will be marked off on the Wordsearch letters grid. On the word list, the word’s type will fade to light grey.

For every word you mark off, you score 5 points. If you drag the mouse across too many or too few letters, or if you select a word that does not appear in the word list, you lose 2 points.

Want a hint? In the word list, click on the word you are looking for, holding down the mouse button. For as long as you hold down the mouse button, circles will appear round the letters in the Wordsearch that could be the first letter of the word you selected. When you release the mouse button, the circling will disappear. Hold the mouse button down until you find the word you are looking for. Be careful, you will lose one point for every second you hold down the mouse button.

Your Score is shown in red at the top of the word list.
The number of words left to mark off is shown in blue in Words Left next to Your Score.

When you have crossed off all the words in the list, their letters will disappear from the Wordsearch letters grid and the Answer box will pop up. From top to bottom and left to right, type the remaining letters from the grid into the space provided in the Answer box.

You may insert any spaces required for a mystery phrase but it is not necessary. It is not necessary to add punctuation marks such as apostrophes, commas etc. and if you do, your punctuation must correspond to our judge’s decision. 

Next hit the check button to see if you are right. When you have typed in the correct answer you can click on the Play Again button which will take you back to the opening screen where you may choose another Wordsearch or play this Wordsearch again.

To see the whole Wordsearch again, click on the View Puzzle button holding down the mouse button.

For further explanation and Wordsearch instructions, please click the ‘HELP’ button located at the top right-hand corner of the puzzle screen, after clicking the ‘Play Wordsearch’ button.