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Play Lovatts Free Daily Cryptic

Welcome to our online Cryptic Crossword – Cryptic means ‘mystifying or having secret meaning’, so in these crosswords the answers to the clues are deliberately hidden. In every clue there are two ways to get the answer – There’s the true definition and the sneaky way round. It’s just a matter of knowing how to look at each clue to unlock the answer. Once you get the knack you are sure to become addicted to these fun, if a little devious, puzzles. Subscribe to a Lovatts Crossword Magazine today and have a regular supply of puzzles delivered direct to your door.

TIP: Switch TRIVIA HINTS on/off using the ‘Options‘ menu at the top of the game screen.

Don’t know where to start? View our cryptic crossword solver tutorial!
Christine Lovatt, Australia’s Cryptic Queen, will talk you through a simple cryptic crossword clue by clue.

Each crossword clue is animated to better demonstrate the rules behind cryptics. Click the ‘Start Tutorial’ button alongside and you’re well on your way to becoming a cryptic crossword expert!

And practice makes perfect: when you’re finished with today’s challenge, click over to for an even greater variety of free cryptic crosswords and online games.