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Play Daily ‘Trivia Hint’ Code Cracker Puzzle

Lovatts Code Crackers & Starhunts are a type of cipher crossword or cryptogram, which are also called Code Breakers or Kaidoku. In this puzzle type, each letter of the alphabet is given a corresponding number from 1 to 26. The aim is to crack the code by determining which letter corresponds to which number. All letter entries must create valid words within the puzzle grid.

Our unique brand of online Code Cracker includes special Trivia Hints to make solving this puzzle even more fun. To turn TRIVIA HINTS off, select the ‘Options’ menu at the top of the game screen.

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Trivia Hint/Code Cracker Puzzle – Getting Started

In the Code Cracker puzzle, letters are replaced by numbers. Each number represents the same letter throughout. All words used are from the dictionary and no proper nouns are used. Start with the code letters given and build from there.

As you work out which code letter corresponds to each number, click in the square to highlight it then type in the letter you think is correct. The letter youÌve filled in will also show in every other square in the Code Cracker with the same number. If you are correct, the squares will be shaded in.

You can type the letter into a square or you can find the letter in the alphabet list on the right, click on the chosen letter and, holding down the mouse button, drag the letter across into the square you have chosen. All the other squares with the same number will also be filled in with your chosen letter and, if you have chosen the correct letter, the squares will be shaded in.

The row above the puzzle will reveal the name of a mystery answer.

Special Trivia Hint Button

Click on the square you want to solve then click on the USE HINT button to get a multiple choice trivia quiz question. Click on the correct answer and the letter for that square will be added for you.

Be careful not to click on USE HINT while your cursor is on a square which has already been filled in.

For further explanation and Code Cracker instructions, please click the ‘HELP’ button located at the top right-hand corner of the puzzle screen, after clicking the ‘Play Code Cracker’ button.