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Hello- BIG August 2012

August 1, 2012 by  
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hello-smlChristine Lovatt

We hear some amazing real-life stories from our readers.

Here’s the story of Lynette Anesbury, who used our crosswords to retrain her brain.

Lynette has been doing crosswords since she was ten. A family friend introduced her to crosswords in the paper. They started having races to see who could finish the newspaper crossword first. She used to do the cryptic crossword in The Independent newspaper, until her son bought her a Lovatts book. From then on she was hooked.

When she was 31 she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She had two kids at the time.

They operated on her temporal lobe, and had part of her brain removed, which caused her to lose her short-term memory.

When she went back to crosswords she found she couldn’t think of the answers at first. And if she did think of the answer, she found that in the few seconds it took her to look from the clue to the grid she couldn’t remember the clue number, and would have to say it aloud over and over, “seventeen across, seventeen across…etc”.

She gradually trained herself to remember, by doing our crosswords and bit by bit she was able to remember more and more. She says: “I’ve always been a word-lover and I find doing crosswords has given me my confidence back. doing crosswords and having a strong faith have been the two things that have kept me going.”

We wish Lynette all the best and thank her for sharing her story with us. We love to hear from our readers, so if any of you have stories to share, please feel free to write in.

Happy Puzzling!

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STARHUNTS Winners (Issue 67)

Solution: The Northern Lights
5 x $50
Shirley Christensen, Kearneys Spring, Qld; Patricia Cleary, Preston, Vic; Julie Dickson, Carlton North, Vic; M Hopper, Bellara, Qld; Norah Whittle, Scarborough, WA.

Solution: Anne Hathaway
2 Electronic Crossword Solvers
N T MacGillivray, Owhiro Bay, Wellington, NZ; Betty Taylor, Innisfail, Qld.

5 MOR Emporium Body Butters
W S Brake, Dingley Village, Vic; Loris Gray, Belmont, Vic; Jayne Jacobs, Hampton Park, Vic; Bev Mackay, Corlette, NSW; Marcia Rowlands, Carnarvon, WA.

Solution: Anne Hathaway
Entertainment Prize Pack
B Jopson, Horsley, NSW.

4 Kindle Keyboard eReaders, with free 3G Wireless!
Doreen Gregory, Marleston, SA; R Kaese, Beenleigh, Qld; Jim Perriman, Mile End, SA; Bev Schatz, Waterford, Qld.

Solution: Scarlett Johansson
Clip-&-Go iPod Shuffle
Lynda Lindfield, Aroona, Qld.

4 Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet DVD Sets
June Archibald, Kiama Downs, NSW; Mr M H Dixon, Mt Lawley, WA; Jan Lovett, Condon, Qld; Dorothy Wilson, Victoria Point, Qld.

FINDAWORD Winners (Issue 84)

Solution: Commercials and Movie Trailers
1 x $100
Vanessa Cree, Roseville, NSW.

3 x $50 Lovatts Gift Vouchers
J Burgess, North Turramurra, NSW; Michelle Dinicolantonio; Peter Maple, Vermont, Vic.

Solution: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Entertainment Prize Pack
B J Jopson, Horsley, NSW.

4 Kindle Keyboard eReaders, with free 3G Wireless!
Doreen Gregory, Marleston, SA; R Kaese, Beenleigh, Qld; Jim Perriman, Mile End, SA; Bev Schatz, Waterford, Qld.

Solution: Rocky and Bullwinkle
5 x $50 Prize Cheques
Hazel Clarkson, Wodonga, Vic; L Huskell, Lakemba, NSW; Louise Moore, Cambridge, NZ; Denise Neilson, Wynyard, Tas; E Waingent, Hastings, Vic.

Solution: Arrivals and Departures
iPod Nano 8GB, with multi-touch!
Kristen Fraser, Tawa, Wellington, NZ.

CLUEWORDS Winners (Issue 97)

Russell Hobbs Kettle and Toaster set
David Cooper, Carlingford, NSW.

10 x $50 Lovatts Gift Vouchers
Vera Bannister, Langford, WA; Fiona Beaton, Pascoe Vale, Vic; Gloria Beecham, Seven Hills, NSW; C F Cameron, Foxton Beach, North Island, NZ; Lindsey Campbell, Toodyay, WA; Trudie Cook, Raymond Terrace, NSW; Ruth Crighton, Thornlie, WA; Valmai Fullford, Wingello, NSW; Jocelyn King, Christchurch, NZ; Thelma Scott, Caringbah, NSW.

Entertainment Prize Pack
B Jopson, Horsley, NSW.

4 Kindle Keyboard eReaders, with free 3G Wireless!
Doreen Gregory, Marleston, SA; R Kaese, Beenleigh, Qld; Jim Perriman, Mile End, SA; Bev Schatz, Waterford, Qld.

iPod Nano with Multi-touch
Mary Newton, Cedar Creek, Qld.

5 Electronic Crossword Solvers
Trent Gregory, Seaford, Vic; R H Hender, Zillmere, Qld; Margaret Jackson, Wagga Wagga, NSW; Kathleen Wilson, Chipping Norton, NSW; Beverley Wiseman, Coleambally, NSW.

VARIETY PUZZLES Winners (Issue 58)

Solution: Downloads
2 Kindle Wi-Fi 6” eReaders
Sandra Berman, Marsfield, NSW; Diane Gordon, Reedy Creek, Qld.

Solution: Johnny Depp
Samsung Digital Camera
Lynette Willis, Nundah, Qld.

Solution: Television
Sony Bravia TV
Dot Thomas, Rosewood, Qld.

Solution: Cate Blanchett
10 Hustle Series 7 DVDs
Gwen Bishop, Gympie, Qld; Diane Finnigan, Kellyville, NSW; Jolanta Galicki, Renown Park, SA; Trisha Griffin, Queanbeyan, NSW; Christine Hagarty, Kingsgrove, NSW; Janice Johnson, Waikawa Bay, Picton, NZ; J Kelly, Strandon, New Plymouth, NZ; Patricia Murray, Wandin North, Vic; Sharon Murray, Oxenford, Qld; Georgina Sim, Bowenfels, NSW.

Solution: Daisy
Edible Blooms Chocolate Bouquet
J McPherson, West Lakes Shore, SA.

Trivia Words
Solution: Treats
2 six-piece handcrafted cake fork sets
Todd Foster, Melrose, Wellington, NZ; Mellissa Found, Helensvale, Qld.

Solution: Get up and go
Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine
J Salotti, Andrews Farm, SA.

Solution: Best Seller
20 Macquarie Little Dictionary & Thesaurus packs
Jarden Adamson, Freemans Bay, Auckland, NZ; Joseph Aikas, Alice Springs, NT; Peter Avenell, Mundoolun, Qld; Trish Beere, Mandurah, WA; Ian Brady, Shalvey, NSW; Anwyl Burfein, Arana Hills, Qld; Ann Calvano, Brinsmead, Qld; Betty Crimmin, Redcliffe, Qld; Gloria Crouch, Lugarno, NSW; P A Dixon, Tauranga South, NZ; V Farr, Halls Head, WA; Jean Flavel, Jeparit, Vic; Patricia Gaudry, Parrearra, Qld; Mary Hudson, Tatura, Vic; Shirley Kapeechkin, Ayr, Qld; Pam Millington, Bunbury, WA; Susan Oakes, Ayr, Qld; D S Pope, Kirkwood, Qld; Selena Protheroe, Highfields, Qld; L Robertson, Adelaide, SA.

Solution: Happiness
3 x $50
Kay Irwin, Wanniassa, ACT; Trevor Jones, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston  North, NZ; Jennifer Shennan, Embleton, WA.

Solution: Singing
4 iPod Shuffles
E Baker, Bass Hill, NSW; S Buckingham, Rivervale, WA; M Lynch, Broadbeach, Qld; Teresa Powell, Cape Burney, Geraldton, WA.

Solution: Transaction
Russell Hobbs Sandwich Press
Kate Farrand, Paparangi, Wellington.

Solution: 3 5 2 7 9 1 6 8 4
10 Fitness packs – The Gift of Yoga, Pilates and Simply Ball
Willowa Atkins, Christies Beach, SA; Joce Bailey, Tauranga, NZ; Natalie Buck, Pukete, Hamilton, NZ; Luisa Caddy, Albany, WA; Sandra Court, Lowood, Qld; Susan Dun, Penriith, NSW; Dale Hartwell, Avondale, Christchurch, NZ; Catharina Minter, Sebastopol, Vic; D E Potter, Avenell Heights, Qld; Amanda Russell, Toowoomba, Qld.

BIG Crossword December – The Judge Sums Up

March 1, 2012 by  
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Flying through
the clues
We were faced with a bit of a dilemma in the Bigcash. The usual English spelling for ‘Small handbill’ is FLYER but quite a few entries had FLIER. This is more common in American English, but as it is a variant spelling and does appear in some dictionaries, we had to accept it as correct as well at 10ac.
A couple of other acceptable alternatives should also be mentioned. For 56dn ‘Medicinal inhaler’ both VAPORIZER and VAPORISER were okay and at 93ac ‘Cruel wisecracks’ could be GIBES or JIBES.
‘Argue’ at 14dn was DEBATE not DEBASE and ‘Strain’ at 17dn needed EXERT not ELECT or ERECT.
For 24ac ‘Perplexed’ only BAFFLED was correct. BAFFLES was the wrong tense. Similarly, 28ac ‘Carved into shape’ needed HEWED and not HEWES. 29dn ‘Judges’ was DEEMS not SEEMS.
A couple of entries misspelt HUSTLE at 28dn as HUSSLE and one or two of you opted for JOCKIES instead of the correct JOCKEYS for 82dn, ‘Horse riders’. JOCKIES made 109ac incorrect as well.
The word jockey comes from the Scottish name Jock, a colloquial equivalent of John. As far back as the 16th century the name was used to mean ‘a boy or fellow’ (compare the English Jack the lad, Jack of all trades, Jack tar etc.). Like most words, the path it took to reach the usage we now know, is not clear, but Jock gained use as a word for horse dealers and trickster and jockey was adopted for a person who rode a horse in a race around 1670.
Over in The Demon both AMEND and EMEND were accepted for ‘Revise’ at 73ac. For 82dn ‘Street vendors’ we wanted PEDLARS but also had to accept the US spelling PEDLERS, which appears in dictionaries. Not surprisingly in this age of computers and global industries English and American spellings are getting closer and there is more overlap. Most so-called American spellings have a long history in English anyway, from the time before Samuel Johnson put together his prescriptive English dictionary in 1755 followed by Noah Webster’s American version in 1828.
Another unexpected alternative answer was spotted at 97dn. For ‘Stretcher’ we wanted LITTER but a few entries had LIFTER. We first considered this incorrect, but in checking various dictionaries, a lifter was defined as ‘a person or thing that lifts’ and so we had to agree that by our definition of what a clue is, we had to accept that answer as well.
We did not accept TONG in answer to 36dn ‘Chinese dynasty’. You needed TANG. TONG is a word but describes a Chinese secret society.
Your Goliathon entries were almost error-free. Congratulations!
The few small errors noticed by our judges included INCER at 13dn instead of the correct INCUR for ‘Become liable for’ and TEEMED at 106dn instead of TEAMED for ‘Combined forces, … up’.

E-nigma Crossword 44 Winners – October ‘11

Congratulations to the winners of last month’s E-nigma online crossword competition:

First Prize – $100 Prize Cheque:
Joan Freestone

Runner-up Prizes – $50 Lovatts Gift Vouchers:
Joan Power, Dan MacNish

Our prize manager will be in touch soon to arrange delivery.


1 x $500
Peter Booth, Benalla, Vic.

10 x $50
Monica deKnecht, Croydon, Vic; L Howard, Willaston, SA; Margaret Hymus, Ashmore, Qld; May Kelly, Laurieton, NSW; N McCullough,Owaka, NZ; T G Morris, Heritage Park, Qld; C Reynolds, Tamworth, NSW; Bev Share, Lyall Bay, NZ; Brenda Smith, Nerang, Qld; Z Szadkowski, Tirohanga, NZ.

1 x $400
H Pandoleon, Punchbowl, NSW.

1 x $200
Barry Loveday, Pennington, SA.

1 x $100
Fiona Syme, Cranbourne,Vic.

Solution: John Malkovich
1 x $200
Margaret Browne, Warkworth, NZ.

1 x $100
Dawn Ogilvie, Kilcoy, Qld.

2 Russell Hobbs Kettle & Toaster Sets
Beverley Heffernan, Bathurst, NSW; F Laurentsch & C Hammond, Browns Plains, Qld.

2 Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary
Christine Beal, Swan View, WA; J M Fraser, Midway Point, Tas.

Twinings Luxury 12 Compartment Tea Chest
Mary le Fevre, Herald Island, NZ.

2 Collins Electronic Crossword Solvers
David Caird, North Ringwood, Vic; Lea Traeger, Port Lincoln, SA.

Solution: Poppy Seeds
Clip-and-Go 2GB iPod Shuffle
P Freeman, Portland, Vic.

Magic Squares
Solution: Wanderers
2 Rainy Day Prize Packs
N Carr, Edgeworth, NSW; Beverley Dicks, North Curl Curl, NSW.

Solution: Radioactive
2 Water Carafe and Glass Sets
Barbara Smith, Broken Hill, NSW; E & N Webb, Earlville, Qld.

Pop Words
Solution: Charley Pride
2 Eat Pray Love Soundtrack CDs
Colleen Hextall, Matua, Tauranga, NZ; Susanne Sharman, Cudgen, NSW.

Solution: Circumference
2 I Love Coffee Prize Packs
U A Martinson, Mt Pleasant, WA; P Seldon, Warriewood, NSW.

Solution: Cate Blanchett
2 sets of Binoculars
Nerida Gleadhill, Carseldine, Qld; S H Yap, St Helens, Tas.

Do Your Block
Solution: Stair Cases
2 Lucky You Prize Packs
Gwynnyth Bailey, Morewell, Vic; Renée Schicker, Rototuna North, Hamilton, NZ.

Solution: Library of Alexandria
2 Tea Party Prize Packs
Robert Potts, Brightwater, NZ; Elizabeth Vaughan, Lyons, NT.

Solution: Ben Stiller
2 Griff Rhys Jones Gratest Ciies of he World 2-DVD sets
Karen Gurney, Cooma, NSW; P Horne, Kamo, NZ.

STARHUNTS Winners (Issue 61)

Solution: Montgolfier Brothers
5 x $50
Avarrilla Brightwell, Katanning, WA; June Hoggard, Gympie, Qld; Ruth McPhee, Catalina, NSW; Donna Moore, Weston, NSW; M Novak, Rivervale, WA.

Solution: Juliette Binoche
2 Franklin Collins Electronic Crossword Solvers
Peter Keeley, Sedan, SA; Helen Peut, Gillen, NT.

5 x Fruit, Wine and Cheese Prize Packs
Yvette Bentley, Traralgon, Vic; Jim Graham, Mundoora, SA; Tania Hastie, Tawa, Wellington, NZ; Sue Holopainen, Beverley, SA; Patricia Mark, Algester, Qld.

Solution: Jake Gyllenhaal
Entertainment Prize Pack
Lynda Springer, Carrara, Qld.

4 8GB iPod Touches
Carole Alexander, East Maitland, NSW; Karla Carvolth, Peak Crossing, Qld; Jillian Ollett, Hamilton, NZ; Christian Vaisto, West Ryde, NSW.

Solution: Angelina Jolie
12 Morgan Freeman DVD Duos, featuring
The Bucket List and Shawshank Redemption
Margaret Arms, Frankston, Vic; R E Cullen, Oxford, North Canterbury, NZ; Barbara Hedge, Armadale, WA; Hazel Lloyd, Erina, NSW; Jean Morris, Strathpine, Qld; Ruth Petersen, Cudal, NSW; Ross Plain, Hamilton East, NSW; Evelyn Sellick, Narre Warren, Vic; Sue Seymour, Papamoa, NZ; Jenny Smith, Morningside, Qld; Rachel Taylor, Mawson Lakes, SA; Frank Treloar, Heywood, Vic.

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