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Thanks for online Code Cracker

April 30, 2009 by  
Filed under Online Puzzles & Games

Thank you so much for your daily updated online puzzles and especially the latest addition of Code Cracker. I find I love coming home to relax with the variety of puzzles after work and just before going to bed. When I go away on holiday, never do I go without the BIG CROSSWORD BOOK. Keeps the brain going. Never too hard or too easy and yet still a mighty challenge.


2 Responses to “Thanks for online Code Cracker”
  1. Christine says:

    Hi Julie
    You’re the reason we love our work! It’s great to get feedback, especially from such a committed puzzler.
    Thanks for your email, I’m glad you enjoy our puzzles, I find myself that they are a great way to escape the problems of the day, while keeping your grey matter very healthy.
    Cheers and …
    Happy Puzzling!

  2. Fae says:

    I have just found your puzzles on line and love it as I don’t get to town often enough to keep up with the magazines. I especially like the cryptics but get rated undefined out of undefined. Please explain.