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April 2, 2009 by  
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From Colossus Inklings No.120

The Australian National University in Canberra ran a competition asking readers to send in an Australian place name with a suitable definition. The entrant was allowed to add, remove or change one letter of the place name if desired. Here are some of the witty results:

Barragate – a really fishy scandal
Bringarooma – BYO accommodation
Bullabulling – a bull doing what bulls do
Caniambo – a very intelligent ambulance driver
Chillingham – a frigid pig
Cignet – a device to catch baby swans smoking
Crookwell – How are you really?
Gundaroo – a less serious crime than Gundagai
Maitland – Oz
Mangalore – a surfeit of males
Mundiwindi – Sunday’s weather forecast
Noondoo – a long lunch
Nagga Nagga – a bigamist’s worst nightmare
Tullamarine – Try fooling someone else!
Warrawee – asked by many a lost tourist

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